MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer

A powerful, fully integrated specialised sprinkler calculations to a wide range of globally renowned sprinkler standards

MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer for Revit provides powerful, fully integrated specialised sprinkler calculations to a wide range of globally renowned sprinkler standards. The package combines both a piping module and a sprinkler calculation module for Revit.

The MagiCAD Sprinkler Calculation module enables sprinkler pipe sizing and flow calculations to completed and ensure that designing and modelling sprinkler systems is fast, easy and efficient to configure. The MagiCAD Piping module enables sprinkler heads and components to be accurately placed and then automatically connected to distribution pipework.

Eigenschappen en functies van MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer

MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer for Revit also includes the MagiCAD Common Tools. These are a broad range of smart productivity and collaboration functions. MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer for Revit offers fully integrated, direct access to the world’s largest library of over 1,000,000 manufacturer-verified BIM objects for MEP. MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer fully integrates within the Revit software platform.

Supported Sprinkler Standards

The MagiCAD Sprinkler Calculation tool supports a wide range of fully integrated sprinkler calculation standards. All calculations are performed within the Autodesk Revit software environment. Any of the following standards can be selected:

  • NFPA 13
  • BS 9251:2014
  • EN 12845
  • CEA 4001
  • UNI 10779
  • AS 2018
  • MS 1910:2006
  • CP 52:2004

Calculation Reports

Calculation reports of all calculation results are available both on screen and as printable reports. Together with the node numbering tool, it is possible to match calculation data reports with printed drawings. The report integrates the following parameters and information: average density for the 4 weakest sprinkler heads with the heads automatically identified, actual flow density for each sprinkler head, required system pressure based on the hydraulically most remote area, calculations in systems with fire hydrants connected directly to the sprinkler network, the operating point on the pump curve, the theoretical operating point on the system curve, and the identification of the weakest sprinkler head.

You can also adjust sprinkler pipe sizes directly in the sprinkler network calculation report and then recalculate with the new pipe sizes.