MagiCAD Electricity

MagiCAD Electrical offers a comprehensive BIM solution for the design of electrical, lighting, telecommunication and data systems. additional tools to assist with basic electrical calculations, simplify the drafting of electrical circuiting detail, create switchboard schematics, and provide advanced circuiting functions in synchronisation with drawings. MagiCAD Electrical also provides access to MagiCAD’s product libraries containing a wide range of electrical products with the correct geometries and embedded technical data.

MagiCAD Electrical fully integrates within the Revit software platform.

Eigenschappen en functies van MagiCAD Electricity

Advanced Modelling Tools

MagiCAD automates many time-consuming routine tasks in Electrical design, including wire drawing and containment system modelling, product installation, and the creation of device connections. MagiCAD also provides tools for seamless work between 3D and 2D models, from symbol management to automatic creation of schematics.

Cable Tray and Conduit Drawing Setup
All-in-one tools for fast configuration of routing preferences and realistic coordination solutions for containment modelling

Product Selection and Installation
For selecting products quickly and accurately

Wire Drawing
Offers enhanced functionality for the configuration and accurate drawing of wires, enabling wires to be presented according to the local standard

Power Cable Distribution
A cable routing tool that enables the definition of cable routes in order to calculate accurate cable lengths from the switchboard to the final circuits

Switchboard Schematics
Enables generation of switchboard schematics based on circuit arrangements within a selected switchboard, panel board or distribution board

DIALux Import and Export
Enables the export of room geometry from Revit into DIALux and the import of luminaires from DIALux into Revit

Common Tools

All MagiCAD modules include the Common Tools which is a shared layer of functions for enhancing the productivity of design work.

MagiCAD Ventilation, Piping, Electrical, Schematics, Sprinkler Designer and Supports & Hangers each provide a wide range of discipline-specific modelling and calculation functions that work in synergy with the set of multidisciplinary design tools provided by the Common Tools.

Builderswork Openings Tool
Automatically creates and manages provisions for Builderswork openings using customisable rule sets

Find and Replace
Enables the ability to quickly replace any product type with another of a similar type

Split Segments Tool
Used for splitting ducts, pipes, conduits and cable trays into standard manufacturer cut lengths

BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) Manager
Enables cross-platform collaboration in a BIM project


BIM Product Libraries

MagiCAD enables immediate access to over 1,000,000 data-rich MEP objects from 300 leading international manufacturers. Our library of manufacturer-verified BIM objects offers a wide range of pipes, valves, radiators or any other installation products needed for MEP design.

In addition, we offer a generic object library and editing software for use in cases when you do not find the necessary product in our extensive selection of ready-made BIM objects. With the help of our editing software, MagiCAD Create, you can quickly create the required objects by editing the generic ones.

Manufacturer certified BIM objects
MagiCAD Libraries are Europe’s largest selection of BIM objects for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design

Adjustable Generic Objects with MagiCAD Create
MagiCAD Create is a complementary software for creating custom MEP product libraries

Plugins for selection tools
Plugins connect manufacturers’ selection tools and configurators to MagiCAD